I thank all the previous speakers for their contributions to the debate. In particular, I thank the member for Orange for bringing the petition to the attention of the House, and I recognise his firsthand experience on the issue. As a self-described former New South Wales police officer, he will know better than most the role of police when it comes to road safety as well as the impact that road trauma has on our police and first responders. I too would like to acknowledge the impact that the loss of lives and serious injuries have on our communities and on our first responders. I acknowledge everyone who signed the petition. I know so many lives are touched by road trauma.

As the Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism, I can speak firsthand to the deep commitment across the New South Wales Government when it comes to road safety. I acknowledge the leadership of the Minister for Roads, John Graham, and the Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, the member for Maitland. Much has already been said about the fantastic job the NSW Police Force do, but it would be remiss of me, as the police Minister, not to take the opportunity to thank members of the NSW Police Force for everything they do on our roads and beyond. As we have already heard, police are conducting a significant volume of random breath tests [RBTs] across New South Wales, employing an "anywhere, anytime" strategy. They are running significant operations right across the State targeting the full spectrum of road safety issues including speeding, drug and alcohol driving, heavy vehicles and vehicle safety.

RBTs form an important part of the police's approach to road safety enforcement, but, as driver behaviours evolve, ongoing research is required to ensure we keep pace with emerging trends and issues. I am very pleased that the NSW Police Force is working with Monash University to better understand what is happening on our roads. We heard earlier from the member for Mount Druitt, and fantastic Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Counter-terrorism—I am sure to say that in the House—about the police approach to speeding, which police advise me is the most significant contributor to road safety. We heard from the member for South Coast, who is a passionate advocate for her community, about the steps the New South Wales Government is taking to recruit and retain more police—particularly in our regional areas, which we know are impacted by road trauma. We all have the same goal here: We want people to get home safely. We need to continue this conversation. My door is always open to members opposite and to the NRMA.