I wish to address the critically important issue of domestic and family violence in my electorate of Swansea and across New South Wales. Domestic and family violence is a horrendous scourge on our society. Sadly, I am informed that domestic and family violence is the most under-reported crime in our community. It is also a crime that consumes a significant amount of police resources, with offending and associated harms averaging one call for assistance every four minutes. One call every four minutes—this is a crisis that cannot continue. We must do everything we can to reduce rates of domestic and family violence in our community.

The NSW Police Force plays an important role in protecting victims and holding perpetrators to account. I am proud of the raft of police‑led initiatives aimed at tackling the worryingly high rates of domestic and family violence in our community. Anyone who commits these horrendous crimes should expect the police to come knocking on their door. During its most recent Amarok operation in April, the NSW Police Force certainly did, arresting and charging 644 of our State's most dangerous domestic and family violence perpetrators. That is 644 people who were arrested. In addition to domestic violence related offences, various other serious offences were detected including prohibited firearm and weapons possession, and drug possession and supply. A total of 1,108 charges were laid, 314 individuals were identified amongst New South Wales' most dangerous domestic violence offenders and 164 of those had outstanding warrants for violent offences.

A total of 326 applications for apprehended domestic violence orders [ADVOs] were made and 460 outstanding ADVOs were served. A total of 4,949 ADVO compliance checks and 1,633 bail compliance checks were completed. Further, 45 new firearms prohibition orders [FPOs] were applied for and served, 145 searches were conducted at properties linked to those subject to FPOs, and 23 firearms and 45 prohibited weapons were seized by police. It was nothing short of a great success. The results of this operation are truly incredible. I have no doubt this targeted effort is saving lives and making a real difference.

I would like to take a moment to thank a few important organisations in the Swansea electorate that assist women and children who are fleeing from domestic and family violence: Nova for Women and Children, Swansea Community Cottage Inc, The Epicentre in San Remo Neighbourhood Centre and the Belmont Neighbourhood Centre. There are others and I want to thank all of these organisations for the amazing work that they do, day in, day out, to help keep women safe in our community. I reassure this House that the Minns Labor Government will continue to support police to address domestic and family violence, including in the electorate of Swansea that I so proudly represent. It will do that from all angles, including through improving victim support services, providing diverse reporting options, educating the public, and through important police operations like Amarok targeting our most violent offenders.