A second fish kill has occurred at Mannering Park within a matter of weeks, prompting community concern as they await the results of EPA testing.  


The first fish kill was reported to the EPA on Friday 5 August, after hundreds of dead fish washed ashore at Mannering Park. Water testing conducted by the EPA after the event showed a toxic discharge was unlikely to have killed the fish.The EPA indicated the most likely cause of the first fish kill was a natural event.   


Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea said ‘having two significant fish kill events within a matter of weeks is extremely concerning, distressing for the community, and is unprecedented in Lake Macquarie’.


‘I have written to both the Minister for Environment and heritage, and the Minister for Agriculture requesting they make every resource available to investigate this matter. I have also sought to speak with both Ministers urgently’.


‘I remain in contact with the EPA and will continue to update the community as new information comes to hand. It is important that the EPA conducts its testing urgently so we can be guided by the science in responding to these events.’