The gravel access road to Lake Macquarie Marine Rescue’s Swansea Heads base has been in a dire state for some years.


The road’s condition has been a hazard to Marine Rescue volunteers when attempting to swiftly respond to emergencies.  


Following sustained advocacy from Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea and Lake Macquarie City Council, the NSW Government has allocated $650,000 to seal the access road.


Ms Yasmin Catley MP – Member for Swansea said, ‘I am pleased that the Government is funding an all-weather sealed road for the Marine Rescue base’.


‘Swansea is a community surrounded by water. It is vital that our Marine Rescue volunteers are able to safely travel the headquarters, so they can respond to emergencies’.


‘Sealing the access road is a project that I have been passionate about. I have advocated for funding in Parliament, and collaborated with my colleagues at Lake Macquarie City Council in calling on the Government to provide financial support’.


‘This announcement is a fantastic win for Marine Rescue volunteers, as well as the people of Swansea’.